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Request for another relic view

Relic on display for Today Only

U2 - Artificial Horizon
Member Exclusive 2010
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
   1. (00:04:02) U2 - Elevation (Influx Mix)
   2. (00:03:28) U2 - Fast Cars (Jacknife Lee Mix)
   3. (00:03:44) U2 - Get On Your Boots (Fish Out Of Water Mix)
   4. (00:03:37) U2 - Vertigo (Trent Reznor Remix)
   5. (00:03:59) U2 - Magnificent (Falke Radio Mix)
   6. (00:06:45) U2 - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Live U2360° Remix)
   7. (00:05:35) U2 - Beautiful Day (David Holmes Remix)
   8. (00:05:07) U2 - Staring At The Sun (Monster Truck Remix)
   9. (00:04:51) U2 - Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Danny Saber Mix)
  10. (00:03:27) U2 - Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix)
  11. (00:06:17) U2 - City Of Blinding Lights (Hot Chip 2006 Remix)
  12. (00:05:44) U2 - If God Will Send His Angels (Grand Jury Mix)
  13. (00:05:26) U2 - Staring At The Sun (Brothers in Rhythm Ambient Mix)

Cure, The [1996.05.07] Club Adrenalin [SBD]

The Cure
Club Adrenalin
(1996 RSM Records : RSM 182)
Adrenalin Village, London, England
Tuesday May 7th, 1996

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
club America
this is a lie
mint carJupiter crash
round & round & round
strange attraction
just like heaven/Friday i'm in love
inbetween days
boys don't cry

Cure, The [1981.06.10] The Picture Tour, Germany [SBD]

The Cure
The Picture Tour
Mensa Morgenstelle, Tübingen, Germany
Wednesday June 10th, 1981

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
the holy hour
in your house
the drowning man
10:15 Saturday night
the funeral party
other voices
all cats are grey
three imaginary boys
at night
fire in Cario
play for today
grinding halt
a forest

Cure, The [1980.11.18] Cardiff University (Wales) [SBD]

The Cure
The Primary Tour
Cardiff University (Wales)
Cardiff (Wales) England
Tuesday November 18th, 1980

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01 - Accuracy
02 - At Night
03 - Another Day
04 - All Cats Are Grey
05 - M
06 - Fire In Cairo
07 - Boys Don't Cry
08 - Jumping Someone Else's Train
09 - Another Journey By Train
10 - Grinding Halt
11 - A Forest
12 - Seventeen Seconds
13 - Forever
14 - I'm Cold
15 - Killing An Arab

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Origin of Reliquary

Today in history:

In 1384 BC (before calendars) Reliquary went on line.
Princess Sitamun, the daughter of Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III,
came across her father's collection of music.

She fell in love with the wide variety of styles of this music and
knew that she had to get it out to others. She designed the very
first Reliquary music blog. Reliquary has been online ever since.

Sitamun has been credited with the phrase "You Rock".
In many ancient papyrus scrolls that have been discovered we read
the story of Sitamun praising the monument builders by shouting,
"You rock!", "Oh My Ra!, look at that! You rock!!".

True story, yup!

Led Zeppelin [1970.09.09] Worse Than G.M. (Tarantura)

Led Zeppelin
'Worse Than G.M.'
(Tarantura : TDC-25-1/2)
'Wreckage In Boston - Volume 1'
(2005 Tarantura : TCD-25~27)
Boston, Massachusettes, USA
Wednesday September 9th, 1970 


Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Immigrant Song
Dazed and Confused
Bring It On Home
That's the Way
Since I've Been Loving You
Organ Solo
Thank You
What Is and What Should Never Be
Moby Dick
Whole Lotta Love (Medley)
  Incl. - Boogie Woogie
          - Messin' Around
          - Ramble On
          - For What It's Worth
          - Some Other Guy
          - Honey Bee
          - The Lemon Song
Communication Breakdown

Led Zeppelin [1975.05.25] When We Were Kings (EVSD) Earl's Court Arena [SBD]

Led Zeppelin
'When We Were Kings'
(EVSD 256/257/258/259)
(2003 Empress Valley Supreme Disc)
Earl's Court Arena, London, England
Sunday May 25th, 1975

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

View the Earl's Court Concert Programme (Online Flipbook):

To download the Earl's Court Concert Programme:

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
01 - Introduction
02 - Rock And Roll
03 - Sick Again
04 - Over the Hills And Far Away
05 - In My Time Of Dying
06 - The Song Remains The Same
07 - The Rain Song
08 - Kashmir
Disc 2:
01 - No Quarter
02 - Tangerine
03 - Going To California
04 - That's The Way
05 - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
06 - Trampled Underfoot
Disc 3:
01 - Moby Dick
02 - Dazed And Confused (Incl. San Francisco)
03 - Stairway To Heaven
Disc 4:
01 - Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge
02 - Black Dog
03 - Heartbreaker
04 - Communication Breakdown (Incl. D'yer Mak'er)

Nirvana [1991.12.31] New Year's Eve (Cow Palace)

New Year's Eve
West Coast Tour
Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USA
Tuesday December 31st, 1991 

Excellent Audience Recording
Taper: M.P.
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01) intro
02) Drain You
03) Aneurysm
04) School
05) Floyd The Barber
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit
07) About A Girl
08) Sliver
09) Polly
10) Breed
11) Come As You Are
12) Lithium
13) Dumb
14) Territorial Pissings

Strokes, The [2002.03.09] Pepsi Music Hall, Vienna, Austria [FM]

The Strokes
Pepsi Music Hall, Vienna, Austria
Saturday March 9th, 2002

FM Broadcast Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01. Radio DJ intro
02. Meet Me In The Bathroom
03. The Modern Age
04. Someday
05. Ze Newie [aka 'Between Love & Hate']
06. New York City Cops
07. Soma
08. Hard To Explain
09. Is This It
10. When It Started
11. Barely Legal
12. Alone, Together
13. Trying Your Luck
14. Last Nite
15. Take It Or Leave It

U2 [1982.05.14] Hattem Soundcheck

'Hattem Soundcheck'
October Tour
(5th Leg: European Summer Festivals)
Hattem, Bowling & Party Centrum
T Heem, Hattem, Netherlands
Friday May 14th, 1982

Track List:
01 New Year's Day - instrumental, in progress - (0:43)
02 checking the sound (3:53)
03 Gloria (4:31)
04 Another Time Another Place (4:02)
05 dead air (0:53)
06 I Threw A Brick Through A Window (3:49)
07 A Day Without Me (2:54)
08 Interview with The Edge (3:25)

It is interesting that U2 were already rehearsing New Year's Day (some months before the recording sessions).The soundcheck was recorded inside the venue and is still listenable. It ends with a short interview with The Edge which is unfortunately hard to understand. -Original

U2 [1987.07.10] Stand By Me (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

'Stand By Me'
Joshua Tree Tour - 2nd Leg: Europe
Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Friday July 10th, 1987

Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
1. Stand By Me (PA)
2. Where the Streets Have No Name
3. I Will Follow
4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
5. MLK
6. The Unforgettable Fire
7. Sunday Bloody Sunday
8. Exit
9. In God's Country
10. The Electric Co.
11. Help
12. Bad
13. October [fades out quickly]
Disc 2:
1. October / New Year's Day
2. Pride (In the Name of Love)
3. Bullet the Blue Sky
4. Running To Stand Still
5. With Or Without You
6. Party Girl
7. '40'

This bootleg is far superior to "Second Homecoming", the commercially released bootleg that covers the same concert.  Not only does this bootleg include the entire concert from 10 July 1987, but the sound is fantastic for an audience recording -- extremely crisp and clear.  The only downside is crowd noise -- the fans are certainly audible.  At times, the crowd participation seems to enhance the "feel" of this recording, while on other occasions individual conversations are a bit disturbing.  Regardless, the overall clarity and lack of any background noise at all make this a bootleg well worth acquiring. -Original

World Party were originally announced as a support act but were subsequently replaced by In Tua Nua. During an interview before the show, Bono plays Lucille.

U2 (Bono & Edge) [2008.06.27] Happy Birthday Mandela [Audio & Video]

U2 (Bono & Edge)
'Happy Birthday To You'
16664 It's In Our Hands
Honouring Nelson Mandela at 90.
Hyde Park, London, England
Friday June 27th, 2008

MTV Italia Broadcast
AVI Video [ 52.7 MB - 00:03:28 ]
Audio MP3@320 Kbps [7.92 MB - 00:03:27]

Sheryl Crow - Trinity Church Sessions [SBD]

Sheryl Crow
'Trinity Church Sessions'
Trinity Church
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 13th, 1998

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
1. If It Makes You Happy
2. A Change Would Do You Good
3. My Favorite Mistake
4. Riverwide
5. It Don't Hurt
6. Leaving Las Vegas
7. Anything But Down / Is It Like Today
8. Strong Enough
9. Mississipi (Intro)
10. Mississipi
11. Encore
12. The Difficult Kind
13. Everyday Is A Winding Road

O{+> [2015.05.10] Rally 4 Peace (with 3rd Eye Girl) [SBD]

'Rally 4 Peace'
Royal Farms Arena
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Sunday May 10th, 2015

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01. DAT Intro 1:30
02. Let’s Go Crazy/Frankenstein 6:34
03. Take Me With U 2:53
04. Raspberry Beret 2:13
05. Baltimore 7:37
06. U Got The Look 3:21
07. The Question Of U [instrumental]/The One/Electric Man 9:45
08. Controversy 6:46
09. 1999 4:02
10. Little Red Corvette 5:07
11. Nothing Compares 2 U 8:09
12. When Doves Cry 2:47
13. Nasty Girl [instrumental] 0:25
14. Sign ”O” The Times 2:48
15. Hot Thing 2:50
16. I Would Die 4 U [cut] 0:04

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